Salary Compensation

Salary Compensation

At present, company managers are exposed to increasingly complex demands in matters of pay equity, in addition, they must be updated in legal matters since the laws are reformed from time to time.

At High Performance Logistics we offer tailored solutions that help employers with compliance and guarantee good practices in salary matters within the organization.

Implement Compensation Best Practices

Employers need to implement the best practices in terms of wages, where gender has become a variable that makes a difference.

At High Performance Logistics we have created solutions that come to mitigate wage discrimination since they allow:

  • Informed decisions of potential job candidates
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts
  • Guarantees to interested parties

Risk Mitigation

In addition to the existing laws, it is necessary to create regulations and internal policies that maintain the discipline and order of all workers, with procedures that encourage adequate work environments.

At High Performance Logistics we have extensive experience in this area, helping employers to:

Reduce the risk of discrimination lawsuits

Apply compliance to assess the fairness of compensation systems

Comply with required reporting submissions 

Compensation and Pay Equity Services

If your company is looking for an expert to evaluate salary equity, to comply with a legal requirement, our High Performance Logistics services guarantee salary policies and practices that help you stay competitive in the labor market. We develop plans of:


We provide you with the support you need to address these challenges.

Advisory on Salary compensation

Advice on salary compensation

USD $ 36.99 Hour

The following topics will be covered:
Legal Support
Job Description Development
Professional Ladders, Scaffolding, and Competitions
Guidance and Support for Salary Transparency
Strategic needs analysis
Statistical Analysis of Pay Equity
Compensation Benchmarking (external pay equity)
Creation of Salary Profiles
Compensation Philosophy and Policy Development