At High Performance Logistics we are aware of the importance of companies having the right human talent in their jobs so that their business objectives are met. Our services and solutions are created so that any type of company, whether small, medium, or large, has the opportunity to keep human talent in their jobs, reducing turnover and expensive training processes.

We are

We are your here-to-stay business partner understanding what your business needs to improve productivity.
We are your number-one employer in El Salvador
We are highly flexible
We are efficient in providing our services
We are a company with competitive rates
We are scalable, increasing, or reducing the number of staff

We scale the scope according to the required process:

Payroll, Payments, and Taxes
Expense Refunds or Reimbursements
Employee Performance Reports
Logistical Support
Security Study
Work Visa
Employment Relationship

Are you starting your business?

Pay Attention

At High Performance Logistics we provide you with all the necessary advice to make the right decisions when hiring staff when questions arise: How much should I invest? or when do I recover my investment?

We have worked with several recruitment models that will help you minimize costs in case you think of a scenario where you hire around 10 workers, generating a break-even scenario. We suggest carrying out a tax and country situation analysis of where you are going to start operations.