Recruitment of Human Resources

Recruitment of Human Resources

At High Performance Logistics we specialize in hiring human talent, we take care of the entire process, from selection to hiring.

Our clients are sure that the person they are looking for is the right one for the vacant position and we place special emphasis on the fact that the processes used are correct.

What do you get when you buy our services?

Our services are designed to satisfy all the needs in human resources, we are regularly improving our processes so that the attention and start-up are faster, in addition:

We provide advice through the figure of the director, who will work directly with you to understand your needs
All services have been improved so that delivery times are minimal
All our professionals are highly trained
We are aligned with the best market practices





¿Por qué nos eligen?

We have a rigorous selection process, ensuring that the talent or prospect is the right one, in addition to a large database with shortlisted candidates
We make sure that the contracts are long-term, mitigating all the expenses associated with staff turnover.
Regularly, we look for cutting-edge trends and topics, aligning ourselves with them for the continuous improvement of our services

In addition to personnel recruitment services for operational positions, we also have the experience to hire specialized human resources, for example: Personnel for management
Personnel for addresses
Business partners
Specialist personnel in human resources recruitment

How do we advise you?

Advice on Hiring Human Resources

Advice on salary compensation

USD $ 32.25 Hour

Development of a Supplier Strategy
Creation of Publications
Attractive Ad Campaigns
Large Scale Recruitment
Methods for identifying top-tier talent
Pre-employment reference checks
Background Search
Analysis of company-specific pre-employment requirements