I Will Make A Hybrid Application With Android, Php

I have an advanced degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s in computational sciences. I have worked in cross-platform software development for over 11 years, with a major focus on web/mobile app development in the past 5. My experience includes:

– full-stack ecosystems: Node.js or Rails5 backend, Angular 1-6 or React frontend
– hybrid mobile app development using Ionic and React Native (iOS/Android)
– app/service deployment on AWS/DigitalOcean/Heroku
– scientific computing software for Linux and Windows
– development of mixed-language (C++/Fortran/Python/JS) libraries

I am interested in challenging projects and am flexible with project specifications, as well as shifting design patterns. I prefer to set clear project milestones with clear task flows and am always looking forward to learning new technologies.

USD $800.00