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Selection and Recruitment

USD $ 850.00 4 weeks

Select the option that best suits your need Includes:
Advertisement Of Professionally Written Job
Advertisement In the Best Job Boards.
Advertisement Of LinkedIn Premium
Full Customer Service Support
Manual Resume Selection
Candidate Management
Make Multiple Contracts at No Additional Cost
Access Passive Candidates
Hand-Pick The Best Matching Candidates
Contact Candidates with A Targeted Message
Personal Presentation of The Candidate
Minimum Guarantee Of 2 Introductions or Placed Candidate
LinkedIn Search and Focus
Candidate Market
Placement Of the Candidate in The Job Position

Job Analysis Descriptions

USD $ 199.75 by role

Identification of needs and we carry out a diagnosis of internal processes and the organizational structure
We document the activities of each position, obtaining useful information for the optimization and use of human talent
Increase In Profitability
Talent Detection
Resource Optimization
Process Improvement
Balancing Workloads
Organizational Structure
Better Productivity

Salary studies

USD $ 249.25 by profile role

Specific investigations on the organizational structure and economic compensation in key companies, to know the labor market within the same sector. Analysis of market information, which facilitates decision-making within the company, as well as the standardization of salary tabulators and organization charts.

Work Environment Study

USD $ 518.55 4 weeks

Carrying out specialized diagnoses, applied to employees, to delve into the work environment and identify strengths and areas for improvement within the company.
Degree of job satisfaction
Sense of belonging
Assertive Communication
Staff Turnover
Delivery of Final Reports
Number of Profiles