Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

At High Performance Logistics we provide you with all the support for successful human resources management, from a scalable approach based on the needs of your company's human talent.

Our professionals are trained to:

Promptly address employee relations issues, including concerns, inquiries, and disputes
Maintenance and daily management of personnel records

Channel all the communication from the lower commands to the higher commands
Implement ongoing processes and procedures to improve the efficiency of the human resources function
Oversee compliance with current jurisprudence
Administration of:
Employee Manuals
Personnel Files
Registry maintenance
Onboarding of Employees

Why do we make a difference?

Our services exceed the expectations of our clients, making us their strategic partner.
We have highly trained personnel in the field of human resources and each topic is covered with total seriousness
Our entire team is willing to work either on-site or remotely.

Our professionals are trained to:

At High Performance Logistics we understand that the needs of human resources are medium and long-term, therefore, we integrate to:

Replace a job temporarily
Design specific human resources projects (investigations, compensation analysis, and improvement of human resources processes)
Increase or reduction of an internal human resources team
Outsourcing of activities (recruitment, payroll)
Management of daily human resources tasks and responsibilities
Replacement of human resources personnel who go on vacation
Replace the human talent that retires, retires, or resigns

How do we advise you?

Advice on Human Resources Management

Advice on salary compensation

USD $ 36.99 Hour

Compensation Analysis
Improvement of Human Resources Processes
Analysis of the human resources department
Starting a new company (setting up the HR infrastructure)
Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding
Benefits Administration
Labor Relations
Performance Management
Employee Communications
Research and Labor Indicators
Creating Performance Management Processes