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Line Documents has made our affiliate program to be as simple as possible so that you can focus on what you do best.

You only need to publish our web link or URL on your website, either through an icon, seal, advertising, banner, advertisement, or slogan, as defined in the contract, and you will receive your commission each time a client of yours enters the link and purchases any of the previously defined services.

We determine whether digital marketing is necessary to produce advertising for our services.

Our program generates an intrinsic value for companies. As a clear example, a travel agency that receives foreign clients and will require translation of documents. This translation will speed up the operation of our clients, generating better customer service and more sales

Our translation services are professional; our translations are clear and precise, considering the example of the travel agency, what would happen if the documents of your clients had a doubtful context or translation when presenting their visa? At Line Documents, our credibility and customer support are our priority. That is why we generate a translation of documents according to the laws and regulations of the country of destination.

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A translator who has been recognized, authorized and certified as an expert in a specific language by an authority, in this case, by the corresponding courts.

Transparency and clarity with our partners are essential for Line Documents, which is why we have built protocols and control systems that identify each of our partners. The connection we offer is unique to you.

When a consumer clicks on your link, we create a 30-day record and can verify whether the customer completed a purchase. You will receive the commission once you have completed the task.

Our affiliate program is completely free; you do not have to pay anything to register.

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In case you do not have a website, we provide you with specific codes so that the references are already identified; this word-of-mouth model makes a profit for you.

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Our registration process is fast, simple and secure.

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