Administration of Payroll

Administration of Payroll

For companies today, it is essential to be competitive, with improved processes, reduced service times, and, of course, reduced costs. In this sense, we have designed a payroll administration process where we take care of the entire process

With the High Performance Logistics payroll outsourcing service, you will speed up and optimize financial performance at a corporate level, since you have external professionals available who will be in charge of payroll and other activities related to this process, saving costs of operation.

Allow High Performance Logistics to take control of your payroll and focus your efforts on the objectives of the company. 

Our Payroll Administration Services are dynamic and adaptable according to the needs of our clients, in addition, they are aligned with current regulations, complying with the highest standards.


What advantages do you get from our services?

Reduction of costs, since our team of professionals, carries out all the work required for the administration of your payroll
Reduction of time, since we are specialists in the matter, maintaining efficient care procedures and proactive personnel
Business continuity plan to continue operating in times of crisis
At High Performance Logistics we are an experienced company with payroll processes from various companies
Efficiency in processes such as settlements, social security, and layoffs, among others
Aligned to all legal regulations, carrying out processes of demands or sanctions in the best way

Why choose High Performance Logistics Payroll Administration Service?

Our Payroll Administration Services can be acquired by any company, regardless of the activity or size, providing a competitive advantage, since you do not have to allocate resources to manage your staff, allocating this workforce to strategy or operation.

Our scope

Allowances or legal benefits and additional payments
Payroll accounting information
Payments to third parties
Employee performance reports
Comprehensive payroll processing
Generation of files for payment
Generation of legal reports and required reports
Social security management
Consolidated social benefits

How do we advise you?

Advice on Payroll Administration

Advice on salary compensation

USD $ 18.75 Hour

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